1. The Counterparties

1.a) This is a contract between you, the member, and The Patırtı Textile (PTR), a company registered in Turkey (we registration number ………………), whose registered office is at the address: Muslihittin Neighbourhood. - Mehmet Zekai Özbek Street. - No:28/B-1 Menteşe / MUĞLA (“us” or “we”).
1.b) The member will be named as counterparty severally with Patırtı Textile  (PTR)

2.a) Our joining process is a web-based process. Full membership prices and options can be found on our website to be selected by you as part of the joining process at www.patirti.com by following the joining process at our website to become a Member at The Patırtı Textile (PTR) you are accepting all the terms and conditions in this Membership Agreement. You should only join if you have read them and accept them.

2.b) The member is willing to have the service and buy the fabrics on sale at the internet shop, www.patirti.com directed by PTR

2.c) For the Contractual Relation, the member must fill the form, enter with the key he/she likes, permit and give approval. She/he can call the “Call Center” and upload the membership form in case of a lack of identity. Otherwise, PTR is not in charge of responsible. As the member approval, it is accepted that PTR has no responsibility on the contrary.

2.d) The member accepts and approves that her / his own private and other information are true and PTR is not responsible for false identity information. The member that gives false identity or other information, is responsible for having this kind of troubles.

2.e) If the member wants to start any judicial process on the product or advertise or to buy, he/she has to carry out all the legal and legal procedures and knows that PTR has no responsibility.

2.f) All the Credit Card Users’ Currencies and Aprovements related to the Bank, Credit Institution or Payment Service Provider and The Members give service via the Internet. Any of this payment traffic hasn’t been performed or approved by the PTR. And so PTR never records and sees the Members’ credit cards’ passwords and other payments’ passwords except they wish. PTR has the responsibility firm if customers accept their credit cards info under the registration for a quick shopping in accordance with the contract.

2.g) The member accepts and commits the contract's provisions & website’s terms & the legislation in force & moral rules. The member is the owner of Criminal and Civil Liability because of the action on the website. PTR may share the member’s info with the authorized demands in accordance with the contract.

2.h) PTR has taken the necessary measurement to clear ww.patirti.com- the web-site-Besides this; the member should have his/her own virus program to save better.

2.ı) Every member will have only one account. If it is known that the member has more than an account PATIRTI has the right to stop and abort the accounts, and so the member will accept this automatically. The gain, in this way, will not be preserved and will be dismissed off the PTR membership and it cannot be appealed in accordance with the contract.

2.j) In accordance with this contract PTR has no responsibility for the member’s entrance to the website and is used the member’s info and so the loss directly or indirectly. PTR has no responsibility for breach of contract and the loss of service and also with the other causes. It is assumed that the member accepts the case in accordance with the contract.

2.k) The password info and user name are formed by the member by himself and so he/she is responsible for the security and secrecy. The member accepts, declares, and commits that the membership act is done by himself/herself and has the responsibility of any trouble that may occur and if any bad condition doesn’t occur. He/she also knows that any rejection and abdication is no at the stake.

2.l) PTR has the right to change any service on the site & its extension, the products, and info and reorganize the website and stop the broadcast without declaration before. It is assumed to be accepted by entering the website.

2.m) Any illegal and unfair gain cannot be taken with any action via www.patirti.com in accordance with the 5237 numbered Turkish Penal Law and the other legislation in force. If any member gives the PTR any harm; the amount will be demanded without any warning & denouncement & the approval of the 3rd person singular. The PTR will also demand all the harm including the profit loss and or administrative fine, because of 3r person’s demands that are defined benefit liability. The punishment payment he /she will pay and all the expenses like (court expense, penalty fine, tax, picture, fees, etc.)


3.a) Any material like pictures, graphs, logo, includes software & code & on the website cannot be changed and copied and reproduced and translated into another language, republished, reloaded to another PCs, posted, transmitted, presented or delivered. Whole the website or a part cannot be used on another website. Otherwise, it is defined as legal. The rights of all on are reserved by PTR even it is not defined obviously. PTR will demand restitution for its loss or will be lost at any time in case that the member may breach the PTR’s intellectual & industrial properties directly or indirectly.


4.a)PTR gives importance to keep safe and protect the declaration in the lawful frame of the member’s with 6698 numbered privacy act law. The member decides to gather personal information & to be used, transferred, and processed freely. The PTR has the right to know the address, e-mail, phone, and mobile phones and other communication means given and updated later by the member and the communication with a letter, e-mail, SMS; call records and the communication with the other means for the marketing, declaration and the other aims. The User accepts and declares that the way of communication provided unless otherwise provided by PTR

4.b)If the authorized courts demand PTR could share the member’s personal info to the stated authorities in accordance with article 2.g) legislation in force. The member accepts and declares his/her personal details are used by PTR in this way. PTR will take any of the measurements for the security of personal details and preventing illegal data processing in accordance with the 6698 numbered article, privacy act. The member has the right of usage of his/her own rights and to change of data and upload anytime in accordance with the 6698 numbered privacy act of article 11


5.a)If the Counterparty cannot carry out the acquirements which are the responsibilities, the member will not be responsible in accordance with the contract. “Compelling Reasons” will be deputed with the numbered 6098 The Indication of Turkish Code Of Obligations and article 2, 3 numbered 4751 Turkish Civil Code. The Counterparty facing the “act-of-god” cannot be responsible because of encountering the prevention and lateness. It cannot be assumed the breach of the membership contract.


6.a)The member is assumed that the customer accepts the terms when he/she complete the membership form. This contract is assumed to enter in force. The contract will be out of date as the membership finished and/or reason of termination without any warm automatically.

 Best Regards,
Patirti.com Team.