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Ürünün sırt kısmında fermuar ve düğme bulunmaktadır.

Length: 174cm
Chest: 87cm
Waistline: 63cm
Hip: 91cm

Body Size of Specimen:  36
Length of Specimen:90 cm
Fabric Type: Polyesters
Fabric Content: %100 Polyesters

Cotton: Cotton is often preferred because it allows the sweat to evaporate into the air and also it can be washed in hot water.
Viscose: Viscose is very soft and has high color durability.It can be washed in washing machine.
Acrylic: Acrylic is soft, light and comfortable. It can be washed easily and dryed under favour of low moisture absorption.It can be washed in washing machine.
Polyesters: Polyesters do not wrinkle too much and have high color durability.It has a light fabric feature. It can be washed in washing machine.
Scuba diver: It covers body and has elasticity and durability. Dry cleaning is recommended.
Gauze:it is often prefered in summer term under favour of it allows the sweat to evaporate into the air. It may shrink after washing in hot water.
Lycra / Elastane: It is a strong, durable, synthetic fabric type. It may shrink after washing in hot water. Dry cleaning is recommended.
Linen: It has durable and absorbent properties. If the linen products used in the summer, it will keep cool and does not sweat. Linen products should be ironed when it is damp.
Wool: It has moisture absorption and keeps constant the heat on the body. It should only be cleaned by dry cleaning.

NOTE: Dry cleaning is recommended for all types of fabrics for increase the life cycle excluding polyesters.

Your good will be shipped by maximum in 4 days and to be delivered anywhere in Europe between 5-12 days.

How long does it take to return & change procedure?

You can ask return or change in 7 days after your purchase.

Will I pay for return & change?

The customer is the responsible for the cargo payment for return & change except for defective product, false colour & false size fabrics.

Which product / products don’t cover return & change?​

Some items can't be returned, like earrings or items where a hygiene strip or seal has been removed (e.g., swimwear and underwear). You cannot return underwear, swimwear. If used, or removed original strip, you cannot return makeup/Face + Body products.
We do not accept return if price tag is removed, labels are cut, fabric made dirty.

Which product / products cover return & change?

Urgent return covers, defective product, false colour & false size fabrics are under the change guarantee.

How does the return & change procedure work?

After you find the order with The products that you want to return, in my account > my orders RETURN button. You can easily send back or have a return filling the form.When “return / replace button” isn’t seen; it means return & change procedure finish.

After I had return / change account What Should I do?​

 If you do not like the products or do not want to wear, you can easily send back to change or to return.The customer is the responsible for the  cargo payment. isn’t in charge of opposite payment.If the fabric sent back with opposite payment , will not be taken.

The Official Name and The Address

Company Name: Patirti Textile

Address: Neighbourhood of Muslihittin- Mehmet Zekai Özbek AVE. - Ground Floor - No:28/B-1 - Menteşe / MUĞLA / TURKEY

When I sent my package back then what will happen?​

After we get back the items comes from our customer, the return/change procedure will start. At first sight, We have to approve all items,Then We have to connect with sender customer and we must give 3 option such as change, return. Further, We can qualify points instead of the other two options. And our Customer can use it for other orders from within 1 year.

When is the return fee process took place?

After the approve and connection with customers, and If customers want to return it, We start return process and It tooks among one week as a maximum time. 

Why is the Instalment Payment in Shopping Paid Back As İnstalment

Your instalment payment is paid back to your credit totally but your bank pays your money back in instalment.

International Delivery

Cost of delivery depends on shipping country. You can see price of delivery  after select the shipping country and confirm your order. We can deliver within 4-7 workingdays from Turkey to whole of the world by express shipping. 


Important ! We give strong support to avoid customs duty pay for our customer. In this situation, customs officials will inform you about how to receive your order. Customs duty based on your order and shipping country. It is the responsibility of the customer to duty pay on any order subject to customs clearance.

Best Regards, Team.