Article 1: Counterparties

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1.2 The Buyer

In this sell agreement, the buyer is the person who orders via as online. The address and the contact information which is used in shopping and being a member will be the base.

Article 2: Delivery

2.1) Payment At the Door --------NOT READY---------

2.2) The SELLER, sends the product through Cargo Aramex extremely in a week. Some delays are occurred because of the Cargo. Patırtı is not responsible for the late delivery or false and nondelivery. One who accepts this agreement is thought to declare to get her /his order before. The SELLER may put in a claim for not been delivered to from the BUYER.

Article 3: Interest of Default
3.1) Late payment default is not taken by the seller in cash payment and by credit card.
Article 4: General Provisions

4.1) THE BUYER, declares that he/she has knowledge about the basic qualities & the price of the product and payment way and the delivery and terms of the order process via online shopping. THE BUYER confirms the pre-knowledge, before the acceptance of distance contract and the address, which is given to the buyer by the seller, the basic qualities of the product, the tax included prices, the terms of payment and delivery are all true.
4.2) The product mentioned on the agreement, is definitely be delivered to the BUYER or to the address that is given by the BUYER in not over 30 days lined legally.
4.3) The Cargo Expense will be paid by the BUYER. The SALER won’t have any responsibility for not delivering the product on time because of The Cargo Troubles.
4.4) The SELLER has only the responsibility of the product quality as asked by order and delivery with warranty and user’s guide.
4.5) The SELLER has a right to recommend the equally qualified& priced product different from the BUYER’s approval. Also, the order may be delayed within the customer's knowledge.
4.6) If The SELLER could discharge the contract on the impossibility of service; he/she informs the statement of the customer and payback in 10 days to the BUYER.
4.7) It is essential that The Pre-Information Form must be confirmed on the Web. It is accepted that The BUYER has no delivery responsibility when the price tag hasn’t been paid or delayed on the bank accounts.
4.8) The Bank or Related Financial Firm has to send the product back to the BUYER within 3 Days If the Firm didn’t pay the price tag back With the cause of illegally and unfair usage of The Buyer’s Credit Card by the unauthorized person.
4.9) The SELLER is supposed to inform this statement to the BUYER if the delivery was impracticable in case of inappropriate weather conditions for the delivery or extraordinary positions in the mentioned delivery period. On these statements, the BUYERS has the right to demand of delaying or changing her/his order. It is paid back in cash or in full when the BUYER delays his/her order within 10 Days. The credit card payment amount is paid back to the Bank or Related Firm after the BUYER’s delay in 7 Days. and After the pay-back, the Reflection of this amount to the BUYER Account just depends on the Bank Process. The BUYER has already accepted that the SELLER cannot work on the delays and the PayBack may last 2 or 3 weeks.
Article 5: Right of Withdrawal
the BUYER has the right of withdrawal of the contract without any justification with refusing and having no legal or criminal responsibility after the delivery has reached him/her in 7 workdays. At the distance contract, this process starts after the signature. Right of withdrawal cannot be used just before the finish the withdrawal process with the customer approval. The expenses because of “The Right of Withdrawal” are under the “SELLER”s Responsibilities.
Able to use the right of withdrawal;” Return Receipt Requested” and “fax” and “e-mail” have to be sent and the product or products haven’t been used in the frame of the contract.If this right is used,
a) the bill which is delivered to the 3rd person or the Buyer ( if the bill is institutional, it should be attached to the return bill and sent back with. ”Order Returns” which are invoiced for the institutional wouldn’t finish unless Return Receipt” is formed.
b) the return form,
c) The Return Product should be in a good condition with its case or pack and accessories.
d) The SELLER has the responsibility of returning the documents to the CUSTOMER just after getting the recission maximumly in 10 days and returning the product in 20 Days.
e) If the product value reduces because of wrong usage or impossibility of return; The BUYER has to pay to the SELLER the amount of discount value.
f) The discount in the frame of the campaign, which is set by the SELLER, may be delayed if the BUYER uses the right of withdrawal and the discount amount decrease under the campaign limits.
Article 6: The Products That not be used For The Right of Withdrawal
The Products in accordance with the BUYER’s Demands or Needs or the easily violable or the product over the date of expiry, sound and video records, hardware and software so as not suitable to turn by laws.
The Article 7: The Authorised Court

In the implementation of this contract, the Consumer Arbitration Committees and Consumer Courts in the place where the BUYER purchases the goods or services and where the residence is located, are authorized up to the value announced by the Ministry of Industry and Trade. 

Consumer Courts or Committee are authorized on the implementation of the contract and the product or service The BUYER has bought and the value declared by the Ministry of Industry and Trade The BUYERS can make an application of their complaints and rejections to the place where Consumer Courts or Council and the Consumer buys the product or get the service permitted by Ministry of Industry and Trade in every December.

it is released from the date 1st January 2012;
a) The lower economical limit, as the support document by the Upper or Consumer Courts, will bound 1.161.67 TL by The 22nd Amendment and numbered 4077 Law about Consumer Protection the consumer problems on the law of 5th and 6th sub-article.
b) On the 5th sub-article of arbitration committee for consumer problems bylaw The lower limit is 3.032,65TL which is authorized by the City Arbitration Council on the Disagreements that published in the official gazette on date 1st August 2003 and numbered 25186.
This agreement has aimed the trade.